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The future of a nation determined by the quality of its people through how qualified the education system is. As a young and vibrant nation, Timor-Leste is still in the very root of developing its human resource capacity through education; therefore, quality has to come along in the same path as the education development, in particular higher education.

The program of V constitutional government for higher education underlines the implementation of a robust system of quality assurance, registration of all national qualifications on the National Qualification Frameworks, established in Decree-Law No. 36/2011 of 17 August. Simultaneously, the program of V government recognizes the need for development of national quality assurance. This fact has raised an awareness of the Ministry of Education (MoE) to establish Agência Nacional para a Avaliação e Acreditação Academica (ANAAA) or the National Agency for Academic Assessment and Accreditation (NAAAA).

NAAAA is an autonomous body for quality assurance in all post-secondary education that comes under the Ministry of Education of Timor-Leste. It was created by the Decree Law No. 21/2010 on 1st December 2010 to accredit institutions of higher education through evaluating their quality. Accreditation of institutions themselves as well as of individual programs is provided in the law.

                            Vision, Mission and Competencies of ANAAA


Assuring the quality of higher education through assessment and accreditation


1.     NAAAA to ensure the quality of higher education in Timor-Leste, through the assessment and accreditation of institutions of higher education and its       cycles of studies;

2.     NAAAA to conduct and participate in the implementation of other scientific assessment, including institutions that integrate the national system;

3.     NAAAA to monitor adherence to the national qualifications framework;

4.     NAAAA to collaborate with foreign counterparts in the areas of evaluation and accreditation;


The NAAAA has the competencies to decide, revoke and announce the assessment and accreditation result of the higher education institutions in Timor-Leste. 

Structure of ANAAA

The permanent structure of ANAAA consists of the following entities:

1.     The Governing Body composed by 11 members. 9 executive members with voting rights and 2 members without voting rights.

2.     The Executive Director

3.     The Technical Secretariat comprises of 2 quality officers and 2 assistant to quality officers.

4.   The Administrative Secretariat consist of 1 coordinator of administrative secretariat, 1 administrative and finance officer and 1 information officer. There are also supporting staff.


Current Structure of ANAAA

The current structure of ANAAA comprises of the following entities:

    1. The Executive Director: Mr. Edmundo Viegas, PhD.;

    2. Quality Officer: Ms. Dirce Belo, M.Ld;

    3. Quality Officer: Vacant;

    4. Administration and Finance Officer: Mr. Dionisio Barreto, Lic.Eco.;

    5. Information Officer: Mr. Cipriano Soares, S.Kom;


Priority Areas of ANAAA

    1. Continuous assessment on annual progress report of the accredited HEIs in Timor-Leste;

    2. Assessment on new courses that will be offered by the accredited HEIs in Timor-Leste;

    3. Institutional accreditation and its cycle of studies (program accreditation);

    4. Workshop and seminar on enforcing internal quality assurance (IQA) system;